“We emerge from an ancient root system of collaboration. We grow strong with communal care and nurturing support. Embrace the single heartbeat of a diverse population. Recognize your face and know that WE are all one beautiful creation, spreading our branches out into the world.”

Born in Oregon, I spent my childhood moving from place to place twelve times before the age of 18, carrying a piece of each place with me along the way. When asked where I am from, I respond, “Everywhere”.

With my husband and three sons at my side, my gypsy spirit eventually made a home under the spectacular skies of Eastern Montana. The addictive open space of the plains provides an opportunity to contemplate nature, divinity, and the human world as one, allowing the expression of my art to materialize into spirit figures or Guardians. I credit the vast openness of the prairie along with my solitary lifestyle for the mystical nature of my mixed media art figures.

My guardian journey began in 2013, when I received a phone call with news of my mother’s stroke. ”We have to come together,” were my mother’s final garbled words to me. The week that followed was a time of great sorrow and reconciliation, as family gathered at my mother’s bedside. It was in the midst of all the emotional chaos that I experienced a shift in my consciousness that would change my perception of reality forever. As my beloved mother lay unresponsive in her hospice bed, it became obvious that her lively spirit was everywhere…in her home, on the beach, in our dreams. She was able to engage with us through another world unseen by the naked eye. With her final breath, my mother firmly planted herself into my heart, releasing an overwhelming sense of unconditional love.

Through my figurative art, I strive to share the bond that exists between all souls, acknowledging that the essence of who we are extends well beyond our physical presence. Each Guardian is an encounter with the heart of an individual who has crossed my life path. Sewn to the back of each Guardian’s right wing is a tiny bell, representing my mother’s playful spirit.

mom-and-meMy figurative art is currently on exhibit at the 23rd Arts in Harmony 2018 Annual International Show in Hopkins, Minnesota.

Juried Exhibits include:

-The Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center – Kindred: Celebrating our Ancestors – Solomons, Maryland.

-The Center for Contemporary Arts National Juried Competition – Abilene, Texas

-Lalani Center for the Arts – Festival of the Thread – Livingston, Montana

-The Ciel Gallery – Back to the Garden – Charlotte, North Carolina

-The Chattahoochee Handweavers Guild’s Biennial Exhibit of Textile Arts – Sacred Environment – Stone Mountain, Georgia

-The 5th National Juried Fine Art Craft Guild Exhibit – Hilton Head, South Carolina

-The Waterworks Art Museum – Confluence and Art Across Montana – Miles City, Montana

In previous years, my hand quilting skill was honored with the 2006 People’s Choice Award and the 1994 Best of Show at the Festival of Quilted Wonders at the Custer County Art and Heritage Center in Miles City, Montana.

I am a Certified Montana Artrepreneur Program (MAP) Artist through the Montana Arts Council.