Echoes of joy…

I am a mixed media artist and passionate gardener living under the spectacular skies of Eastern Montana where the Yellowstone River runs through the quiet prairie toward the badlands. The addictive open space of the plains provides an opportunity to contemplate nature, divinity, and the human world as one…allowing the expression of my art to materialize into spirit dolls or Guardians, as I have named them…

Guardians are joyful messengers emerging from the invisible world into the visible world whispering secrets preserved deep within our hearts where ancient memories are stored and shared by all human souls.

Each figure is inspired by the essence of an individual who has crossed my life path, planting a bit of themselves in the garden of my heart. When one of the precious seeds sprouts, I have a sense of the Guardian I am going to bring forth.

DPP_0325 72

I hear a faint whisper calling me to enter a world unseen by the naked eye… a place overflowing with the vibrant colors and textures of my beloved summer gardens.


Using a palette of colorful patterned textiles I bring form to the figures.