Guardians are messengers emerging from the invisible world into the visible world, whispering secrets preserved deep within our hearts where ancient memories are stored and shared by all souls.

Each of my figures is inspired by the essence of an individual who has crossed my life path…

*Clicking on individual photos will bring forth detailed photos and each Guardian’s unique story

Guardian No. 1015 …painting the world pretty in pink shoes $400
Guardian No. 2315…singing a love song to mother earth $400
Guardian No. 3215…pollinating the world with a generous spirit $400
Guardian No. 116…unrealized childhood dreams become a beautiful possibility $400
Guardian No. 316…transforming her world of dreams into reality $400
Guardian No. 416…forager…providing nourishment for the wild soul $400
Guardian No. 516…tilling the ancient soil of the heart $400
Guardian No. 716…whirling through the mysterious tides of life $400
Guardian No. 816…softening the world with a tender heart $400
Guardian No. 916…emerging from a black and white world $400
Guardian no. 1216…Community $400
Guardian No. 117 …providing a sanctuary for the wild spirit $400
Guardian No. 217…enchanting the world with an optimistic spirit $400
Guardian No. 317…enticing your spirit out of its slumber $400
Guardian No. 517…one’s true nature will inevitably be revealed $400
Guardian No. 617…just straddle me in my old saddle $400
Guardian No. 717…two-stepping on the hilltops under twinkling stars $400
Guardian No. 817…morning coffee and three squares a day $400
Guardian No. 917…unlocking the secrets to an abundant life SOLD
Guardian No. 1017…be wild and free…dance with me $400
Guardian No. 1117…summoning wisdom to rule a peaceful kingdom…$400
Guardian No. 118…protector of the land and it’s community $400