Guardian 1216

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Guardian 1216…embracing the single heartbeat of the world…

WE emerge from an ancient root system of collaboration, grow strong with communal care and nurturing support, and embrace the single heartbeat of a diverse population. Recognize your face and know that WE are all one beautiful creation, spreading our branches out into the world.

I first experienced the essence of rural community life with my husband and three young sons, living as hired hands on a remote ranch in the Big Belt Mountains of Central Montana.

Several years later, my family and I were called to the stark landscape of Eastern Montana where the Yellowstone River runs through the quiet prairie toward the badlands. I recall thinking it was the most desolate place I had ever been. Yet over time, my love of the human environment, my small rural community, opened my eyes to the beauty of the vast landscape. It was the addictive open space of the plains that provided me with the opportunity to contemplate nature, divinity, and the human world as one, allowing the expression of my art to materialize.

This piece measures approximately 22″ x 8″ x 7″.