Guardian No. 117

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Guardian No. 117…providing a sanctuary for the wild spirit…

A protective, lean, feline Guardian standing approx. 26″ tall (with stand) and 7″wide and 6″ deep.  Dwelling in lush, untamed spaces, she graciously offers protection and comfort. A butterfly, deliverer of whispered wishes, embellishes the crown that sits atop her head full of wild locks of unspun wool and guinea bird feathers. A sturdy branch emerges, topped with a cozy nest – a resting place for messengers who provide a connection between the earthly and spiritual life.

Subtle colored fabrics, ceramic floral beads, and a satiny bow represent her compassionate and peace-loving spirit.

Her hand-embroidered polka dot wings allow her to flutter between the mundane and mystical world. Her vintage millinery pansy shoes, a flower symbolizing remembrance, are kissed with rhinestone centers, shining divine memory into our hearts.

This Guardian takes flight on a re-purposed bedspring emerging from a hand-painted wood block base. Sewn to the back of the Guardian’s right wing is a tiny bell, representing my mother’s playful spirit. Its gentle sound is a reminder to listen to the whispers of your heart.