Guardian No. 118

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Guardian No. 118…protector of the land and its community…

A “Great Queen,” this Guardian stands approx. 19″ tall (with stand) and 10″wide and 8″ deep. Her domineering beak is created from salvaged deer antler, symbolizing her feisty spirit. Her intuitive eye shines with ancient wisdom. Traveling in the wide open spaces, she is valued as a guardian of the land and her community. Her regal crown is created from krobo beads and vintage millinery, which I have hand painted. Wild hair created from felted wool roving expresses her rowdy nature.

The use of red conveys strong moral character, as she provides physical and spiritual nourishment to flocks within her community. Her body is clothed in a “flying geese” quilt, offering protection that allows her people the fortitude to pursue their dreams. Coconut shells symbolizing humility are attached to her wings, as she seeks guidance from the divine (brass stars with golden ribbons). Her dress is fringed with re-purposed sari yarn. Claws created with rusty fencing staples show her protective nature.

This Guardian takes flight on a re-purposed bedspring emerging from a hand-painted wood block base. Sewn to the back of her right wing is a tiny bell, representing my mother’s playful spirit. It’s gentle sound is a reminder to listen to the whispers of your heart.