Guardian No. 517

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One’s true nature will inevitably be revealed…Guardian No. 517

This Guardian is rooted in the values of the “Old Country”. Her crisp ironed collar and precisely buttoned dress reflect the required order in her daily life. A simple lifestyle deeply connected to the land is echoed through the colors of her clothing that allow her to quietly blend into her surroundings. Her generous spirit quietly navigates throughout her community as expressed by vintage millinery tipped wings. They are adorned with bits of cloth-covered coconut shell symbolizing her humility.

The fringe of reclaimed sari ribbons on her dress signify the importance of her female companions that allow her true self to emerge hidden from the watchful eyes of others. Under these circumstances, her true nature is revealed…a gift to this sacred circle.

This Guardian takes flight into the world on a vintage bed spring from a hand painted wooden block. Measuring approx. 20 ” long, 8″ wide, and 8″ deep. Sewn to the back of her right wing is a tiny bell, representing my mother’s playful spirit. It’s gentle sound is a reminder to listen to the whispers of your heart.