Guardian No. 816

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Guardian No. 816…softening the world with a tender heart

There once was a tough old cowboy who softened the world with his tender heart…

A broad-shouldered figure standing approx. 20″ tall (with stand) and 10″wide. The green ears indicate that a male was my inspiration. His strong cowboy spirit called for hand-dyed vintage linen fabric in deep green. A spur rowel enhanced with carefully chosen beads forms his face. I felted unspun dyed wool into spiked hair to reflect this Guardian’s wild nature.

I selected a variety of colorful fabrics to represent a earthy spirit, as he was a man deeply connected to the land. The big bead buttons on the lower portion of his body remind me of the big ring he wore on his large hands that held reins, dug fence post holes on the prairie and vegetables in his garden. He was a hard-working man who tenderly embraced the world with his soft heart. The Guardian’s vintage square nail legs reflect his bygone era.

His personality emerges with intricately-detailed hand-stitched wings, embroidery and thoughtfully chosen beads. He wears his heart on his sleeve…a strong man who flexed the right muscle.

This Guardian takes flight on a re-purposed bed spring emerging from a hand-painted wood block base. Sewn to the back of the Guardian’s right wing is a tiny bell, representing my mother’s playful spirit. It’s gentle sound is a reminder to listen to the whispers of your heart.