Guardian No. 817

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Guardian No. 817…morning coffee and three squares a day

A sturdy Guardian capable of fulfilling the demands of the physical world. As she rises to get the morning coffee brewing, her vintage millinery slippers shuffle across the floor before the first birds peep. The coffee pot balancing on her head is created with a stick, beads and a bit of creative engineering. Her hand-embroidered wings, echoing oven mitts, allow her to confidently move through the tightly scheduled demands of her daily life providing nourishment for hungry souls.

From sun up to sun down she lives by the clock, represented by a clock face attached to a traditional star engraved concho. Pebble buttons, colors of the land and sky, run down the front of her blouse. Her hair of tightly felted wool balls has been disheveled, with the use of vintage millinery stems, from “slaving” over the stove all day.

This Guardian takes flight on a re-purposed bed spring emerging from a hand-painted reclaimed wood block base, measuring approx. 22″ tall and 6 1/2″wide. Sewn to the back of the Guardian’s right wing is a tiny bell, representing my mother’s playful spirit. It’s gentle sound is a reminder to listen to the whispers of your heart.