Guardian No. 916


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Guardian No. 916…emerging from a black and white world…

There once was a child born into a black and white world…as she grew older the walls could no longer contain her dazzling spirit…

This Guardian figure’s spirit bursts out of the confines of a black and white world on a re-purposed bed spring emerging from a hand-painted reclaimed wood block base. She wears twinkling black shoes created with rhinestone buttons and hardware nuts. Her long striped black and white legs transport her outside of the confines of predictability.

Her dazzling loving spirit begins to shine through with a bit of heart-red on her dress fringe. Hand embroidered red french knots dance along the tiny black rickrack. This joyful Guardian spirit is a celebration of wonder and mischief as her true spirit is released to befriend the world. A vintage “blue bird of happiness” perches on one of her colorful wings, hand embroidered with french knots.

Electric fun-filled energy is sent into the world through her spiked rainbow hair created by hand felting dyed wool roving. Her lively spirit is contagious and in no time you will be pulled, represented by a chunky black spiral bead face, into her playful world.

This Guardian stands approx. 22″ x 7″ x 7″. Sewn to the back of her right wing is a tiny bell, representing my mother’s playful spirit. It’s gentle sound is a reminder to listen to the whispers of your heart.