Guardian No. 917

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Unlocking the secrets to an abundant life…Guardian No. 917

She is the queen of her own world. Inspired by a feisty ranch cook I encountered years ago. The turkey feather in her crown symbolizes abundance, a reminder to honor the sources of our physical, emotional, and spiritual nourishment. The vintage key attached to hand dyed linen fabric unlocks the secrets to her colorful spirit, allowing her to be free of others opinions. Her purpose beyond survival is having a good time. Her renegade character is reflected in beaded dreadlocks of re-purposed sari yarn. She wears a “flirty” skirt of re-purposed sari fabric. Her big belt buckle and tiny cowboy boots reflect her “wild west” outlook on life. Her unbalanced wings make it challenging to follow a straight path.

This Guardian takes flight into the world on a vintage bed spring from a hand painted re-purposed board that hangs on the wall, measuring approx. 14″ long, 9″wide, and 9″ deep. Sewn to the back of the Guardian’s right wing is a tiny bell, representing my mother’s playful spirit. It’s gentle sound is a reminder to listen to the whispers of your heart.