Swimming Lessons

The crisp morning air surrounds the nine-year-old girl as she stands by the side of the swimming pool, her skinny arms and legs covered with goose bumps. She thinks her new green and white polka dot bikini makes her look like one of the older girls. She sticks rubber plugs into her ears to prevent … More Swimming Lessons


Mother Nature is currently blessing us with abundant rainfall here in Eastern Montana and in my rural area that means we are slogging through mud. It is splattered on our cars, in our cars, caked on our shoes, smeared on our clothes, and without exception tracked into our houses. Homes where I live, have “mudrooms” … More Mud

Bird Peep

The predawn sound of bird peep announces the approach of a new day. As the sun breaks through the early morning fog, the bird song intensifies filling the air in celebration. The sun’s rays shine through the dewy spider webs, finely-crafted overnight, capturing me within their intricate design. When I am released from their magical … More Bird Peep

Forget me not…

I spent my happy childhood moving from place to place twelve times before the age of 18. When asked where I am from, I respond “Everywhere”. One of the constants in my “gypsy” childhood was a red painted log house built by my grandfather in a small logging town in rural Oregon. In my mind, my maternal … More Forget me not…


“While routine aims to make the chaos of everyday life more containable and controllable, ritual aims to imbue the mundane with an element of the magical” Maria Popova (www.brainpickings.org) I wake and begin my daily routine. Then… I pause and settle into my “spot” in the dark. I have been called to be a witness … More Ritual